The Ultimate Guide to Automated Post Repeating

By Kevin Strasser

Feb 05

Targeted and quality content are both important for successful content marketing. But don’t trust in the old “build it and they will come” idea. You should put thought into your content promotion just like you do about the quality of your content. Automated post repeating is an important tool in your content marketing toolbox.

  • Editor’s Note: A few weeks after this post was released, Twitter changed their rules about content publishing. All of the platforms discussed in this post have gone through changes as a result.

Let’s say you share your post on Twitter. Maybe you have a few thousand followers (or hopefully more).

“I’m all set!”

Not so fast…

After a few seconds most people have moved on to another tweet. With 500 million tweets being sent per day, this means around 6,000 tweets per second come through the Twitter firehose.

The Ultimate Guide to Automated Post Repeating Click To Tweet

This is where automated post repeating as a strategy makes sense. From your point of view everyone already saw your original blog post tweet, but the odds suggest that most did not.

In this post I will walk through the process of setting up a system to automatically republish social media posts that link back to your blog.

Within that context we will review three great Twitter automation tools to take action:

These three tools allow for scheduling recurring tweets as well as automated Facebook posts. I will be focusing on scheduling recurring tweets, as I am not much of a fan of Facebook.

Twitter is a great platform for this strategy because of how rapidly Twitter timelines move.

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I will walk you through the steps of setting up these tools for automated content posting:

  1. Associate Your Social Media Profiles
  2. Adding Your Content to a Library
  3. Scheduling Your Automated Posts to Repeat
  4. But Wait…There is More

I have used all of these tools quite a bit; I like them all and have no dog in this fight. I do not own a share in any of these companies, none of my friends work at these companies, and I have no reason to push one tool over another.

Step 1: Associate Your Social Media Profiles

These social media publishing tools make it easy to associate your social media profiles. These are the accounts that the tools will connect with to publish your content.

MeetEdgar allows for you to connect to your Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter accounts:

Automated Post Repeating: Social Profiles MeetEdgar

Missinglettr allows you to connect with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest:

Automated Post Repeating: Social Profiles Missinglettr

SmarterQueue gives access to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn accounts. Coming soon is Pinterest and Google+ support.

Automated Post Repeating: Social Profiles SmarterQueue

And the winner is…

The social media profile connection winner is Missinglettr as it supports the most platforms. SmarterQueue is next best and may take over soon depending on when their updates are coming.

Step 2: Adding Your Content to a Library

Another key step is to add your content to the system for posting at a later time. With more social media posts referencing your blog content, you will end up with more traffic. And that is what we all want.

Do stick to content that is quality and is evergreen — meaning it will still be relevant if reposted months later.

Let’s walk through the process of adding content to these tools.

MeetEdgar makes adding content very easy. You simply put in the content info, pick your category, social profiles, and you are done.

Automated Post Repeating: Content MeetEdgar

SmarterQueue takes a similar approach. First you add in the post information and can edit as needed for each profile (or keep them all the same as I did).

Automated Post Repeating: Content SmarterQueue

And at the bottom you can preview what your future reposted tweets will look like:

Automated Post Repeating: Content SmarterQueue

Missinglettr takes a completely different approach.

First you are given a window to put in the link to your blog post:

Automated Post Repeating: Content Missinglettr

Next you are asked to verify that everything looks normal:

Automated Post Repeating: Content Missinglettr

Finally you are told that your campaign has been created and will be ready later:

Automated Post Repeating: Content Missinglettr

This is trickier and less streamlined than how MeetEdgar & SmarterQueue work. But this results in a cool unique feature that only Missinglettr has.

Missinglettr lets you easily create different variations of your content for sharing later. The other tools just let you send out carbon copies to be repeated over & over again.

Here is what my finished campaign looks like (the top part of it anyhow as it scrolls pretty long):

Automated Post Repeating: Content Campaign by Missinglettr

You cannot see in the image above, but Missinglettr gives you automated posts through the next year.

There are some things to unpack here that are important to point out.

  1. Missinglettr automatically suggests a post schedule calendar for each piece of content. This is a major difference from the others.
  2. Missinglettr also suggests other images for future post, if your blog post had multiple images (this one did not).
  3. Also it creates thought bubble images with snippets from the post. Missinglettr adds unique text snippets so each future post has some new flavor ala “in case you missed it” or “hot off the press.
  4. Note these are just suggestions. You can edit the quotes suggested, the images, change the text, etc.

Missinglettr deserves credit, as they are the only tool focusing on making your future reposts unique from one another.

And the winner is…

SmarterQueue and MeetEdgar allow you to add in new content faster, which is great.

However, Missinglettr is the only tool that allows you to add variety to how these repeated posts are delivered in the future.

This flexibility comes at a cost — Missinglettr forces you to edit your campaign for each social profile separately.

With six profiles attached that means for adding my one post I have to edit the campaign SIX times instead of once. That may not sound like the end of the world, but imagine initial set up of an entire year of your best posts? That could take some time.

Speaking of negatives, SmarterQueue has a big one also. Once you add a post, you strangely cannot go back and edit the post in the library. The post is now in the queue system and you cannot go into the library and edit. You can go into the queue and edit the individual content items in there. But that feels like an unnecessarily tedious and difficult solution.

I know what you are thinking. “Can I just delete the post and then add it back in.” I thought about that too (you cannot do that either).

Automated Post Repeating: SmarterQueue Needs a Post Edit Button

No edit button…and no delete button.

I sent this feature request to SmarterQueue and it hopefully they work on improving that.

So the winner is the tool without a glaring flaw = MeetEdgar.

Step 3: Scheduling Your Automated Posts to Repeat

You set a schedule that determines when content publishes and from what social accounts.

It is pretty simple to set up using MeetEdgar.

Automated Post Repeating: Schedule MeetEdgar

SmarterQueue is very similar. You drag and drop slots onto your social media content calendar.

Where SmarterQueue is different is when you first get started they determine times to post based on your past tweet activity. They can automatically create your schedule for you! I tried this feature and was impressed by how well it worked.

Automated Post Repeating: Scheduling SmarterQueue

Missinglettr lets you pick times for each social profile along some other settings.

Automated Post Repeating: Scheduling Missinglettr

And the winner is…

MeetEdgar and SmarterQueue are close being that they both have very nice graphical scheduling displays with a simple drag and drag interface.

However, only SmarterQueue gives you a way to create your schedule automatically giving it the edge here.

Step 4: But Wait…There is More

The first three steps are the basics…but there is more to uncover:


MeetEdgar has categories so you can put out different types of social media content.

Automated Post Repeating: Categories MeetEdgar

SmarterQueue is like MeetEdgar is this regard with one major difference. SmarterQueue allows you do assign categories to certain social profiles. That gives you flexibility.

Missinglettr does not have categories and is focused on automated blog post re-sharing.

And the winner is…

SmarterQueue wins this one, but MeetEdgar is close.

Content from other Sources

Reposting your own content later to Facebook or Twitter is awesome. But wouldn’t it be great to automatically post future content from other sources?

MeetEdgar allows you to put in an RSS feed and it monitors the feed for content to place into your queue.

Automated Post Repeating: Feeds MeetEdgar

Not to be outdone, SmarterQueue also has an RSS feature but they have even more in addition.

An amazing feature is the Find Content feature within SmarterQueue.

First you decide what to term to search for (and from where).

Automated Post Repeating: Find Content SmarterQueue

You are given content to choose and share. This feature alone might be worth the cost to some people.


Automated Post Repeating: Find Content SmarterQueue

With this feature SmarterQueue is already the winner…but there is more.

Their My Media feature allows you to easily repost images or videos you have published prior.

Automated Post Repeating: My Media SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue also has a Re-share Your Best Posts feature.

Automated Post Repeating: Re-share Content SmarterQueue

And the winner is…

Slam dunk for SmarterQueue as they are bringing so much more than the others.

Viewing Your Queue

You set up your content library and attach to a schedule for all of your profiles. But it is still nice to have a visual feedback to indicate what the tool is programmed to publish.

Here is what MeetEdgar’s queue looks like.

Automated Post Repeating: Queue MeetEdgar

And for SmarterQueue…

Automated Post Repeating: Queue SmarterQueue

Missinglettr has a calendar feature to show you what is going to post. Sorry my queue is empty at the moment.

Automated Post Repeating: Queue SmarterQueue

And the winner is…

I think they all get the job done here. You need to be able to know what to expect out of the tool and they all give you that.

Analytics & History

All three give you a basic list of past posts that have been sent out for you.

SmarterQueue is the only one that gives you analytics on your posts.

Automated Post Repeating: Analytics SmarterQueue

Again SmarterQueue has a ton going on here, there is too much to show all of it.

Let me show you some of the more interesting analytics features.

Automated Post Repeating: Analytics SmarterQueue

This is something I am not sure I have ever seen before. Here are all of the tools I have used to post on my @kjstrasser Twitter account.

Automated Post Repeating: Analytics SmarterQueue

Cool to see how ThoughtFlame gets more likes and retweets than anything else on my account.

Find out about what content gets the most engagement.

Automated Post Repeating: Analytics SmarterQueue

And the winner is…

Another easy win for SmarterQueue. I am sensing a trend.

Automated post repeating conclusion

Republishing tweets that reference your best blog content just makes sense. This is no longer difficult at all with great tools such as MeetEdgar, SmarterQueue, & Missinglettr.

I like them all and appreciate how well all three have been crafted.

MeetEdgar and SmarterQueue are both very similar with SmarterQueue having more features and MeetEdgar having fewer flaws.

Missinglettr is very much unique. You will you have will have to decide which social media publishing tool fits you the best.